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Pur Pod

Our Pur pod is where it’s at for hypersensitive types looking for amazing sleep. Latex also offers fabulously firm comfort and support.

Hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust-mite resistant by nature, the Eco goes with the flow of the seasons to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The PUR pod: a balance between comfort, the environment and your health!

What's inside the Pur pod

The PUR pod is a firm latex-based hybrid mattress, made of three comfort layers. What will our PUR pod’s cutting edge, kick-ass materials do for your sleep? Check this out!

Our natural antimicrobial latex blend molds and adapts to your body and supports your vertebrae better by distributing pressure equally


Sizes & Prices


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Technical Specifications

Fabric mattress covering

– Materials: 95% polyester and 5% bamboo


– Materials: Latex (100%)

– Surface: Coverage of the full surface

– Height: 2’’ 

– Density: 4 lb

– Compression:  30 IFD


– Material: Polyurethane

– Surface: Coverage of the full surface

– Height: 2’’ 

– Density  3.1 lb

– Compression:  30 IFD

Individually wrapped coils

– Material: Top-grade Canadian steel

– Height: 8″

– Configuration: Staggered

IWC platform:

– Material: Polyester platform

– Height: 1″




Twin : 39” X 75”

Full : 54” X 75”

Queen : 60” X 80”

King : 76” X 80”

Comfort systems


Maximizes breathability, minimizes humidity and increases product life.

Our interlayer airflow system is made up of layers of memory foam. Layers increase stability and make sure air flows through the foam. Since this system increases the pod’s breathability and so reduces moisture accumulation, it actually prolongs the life of your pod. Add individually wrapped coils to the mix and allergens like dust mites and mold have no change of building up anywhere in the mattress.


Makes sure you sleep comfortably and uninterrupted all night long. 

Memory foam and individually wrapped coils are two of the most effective components in a mattress for eliminating motion transfer. Use them together and ta-da! You’ve got a dual-motion isolation system that increases each sleeper’s individualized comfort. Rest and reboot, you’ll never be never be jostled awake.

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We know mattresses!

1 million sold since 1888

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We know mattresses! Actually, we were making them long before you were born. Yeah, way before iPhone, Virgin or Tesla. Before the Internet. Um, actually even before the telephone! We've been in the sleep business for over 100 years and we plan on being there for at least 100 more.


than mattresses of comparable quality online or in stores.

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Our pods are like 50‒65% cheaper than products of comparable quality in-store. You deserve more. I mean, why settle for less? The most of your cash. Design your custom pod now.

So, um, why you’d pay so much more for absolutely no advantage? (We’re over here still trying to figure that one out). The way Jade&I sees it, we want you to get the most for your cash. (Hell yeah, a grand saved goes a long way with the fun stuff.)


We guaranty you'll get the real thing.

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We don't like jack-in-the-boxes. Your pod is delivered in its gloriously full shape and size. Unlike other online mattress companies, we believe in integrity and optimal conditions. That means no compression, no rolling, no contortions, no surprises. Just an awesome sleep experience waiting to happen. (By the way, if you want magic tricks, check out Criss Angel on Spike.)


We’re a bullshit-free company

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Overselling is not our thing. What matters to you matters to us. We like the real thing, straight up. We don’t think you need the sales blahblah. You're a smart human being who knows what you want (better sleep, duh). That’s why our pods are what’s best on the market. We believe in you. We believe better sleep is just around the corner.


As much as you enjoy sleep

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Creepy sales people, way too many choices and just plan crappy products. Build your pod at the coffee shop, on your way to work, with your best friend or alone in the middle of the night (you insomniac!). We think you'll agree that online shopping is so much less of a hassle than in-store shopping.


To provide the best sleeping experience possible.

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Proud of our roots, we encourage our local economy by designing and manufacturing all our mattresses in Canada, in the city of Granby, Quebec.

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